2012 FDA Electoral Fairness Audit of Alberta

In terms of its legislated process, the Alberta provincial electoral system received an overall unacceptable electoral fairness score of 52.2 percent (out of a reasonably attainable score of 100 percent). In addition, the Alberta system received two unacceptable passing scores and two unacceptable failing scores in the four audit sections.

The FDA believes that these scores reflect both a strong core electoral process, and yet significant deficiencies in the areas of electoral finance and political content of media. The FDA argues that the Alberta electoral process, in particular, dominance by the premier and cabinet of the Legislative Assembly, non-regulation of major media, high caps on contributions and third party spending, inclusion of corporations and unions in the electoral process, and no campaign expenditure limits, undermines the legitimacy of Alberta’s democracy.

The FDA believes that the Alberta electoral system requires reform in order to create a basis for an equal playing field for candidates and parties and a broad and balanced electoral discourse. The FDA believes that the implementation of its reform recommendations will create an informed electorate, competitive elections, and an Alberta Legislature that more significantly reflects the voice of the people from its districts.


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