Stakeholder Advisory for the 2013 Canada Electoral Fairness Report

FDA Report Identifies Significant Uncompetitive Processes in the Canadian Electoral System

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement’s (FDA) 82-page report centers on measuring electoral fairness in the Canadian federal electoral system. The report focuses on four core process areas of the electoral system: electoral finance, media election coverage, candidates and parties, and voters. The 6-person FDA audit team examined 32 independent variables, and utilized matrices, financial analysis, scoring scales, and in-depth research to ascertain its audit measurements and findings.

This report provides an objective and comprehensive understanding of the Canadian federal electoral system including its merits and deficiencies. The report is a non-partisan assessment.

Key Points from the Report

  1. The FDA auditors identified cumulative process biases to large, established political parties.
  2. The FDA auditors identified major deficiencies and biases in processes involving media election coverage and candidates and parties.
  3. The FDA auditors conclude that the process biases in the system undermine the validity of election outcomes and Canadian democracy.
  4. The FDA auditors recommend reform of10 areas of the Canadian electoral system.

Presentation of Findings

On Thursday May 30, 2013, the FDA will host a webinar on the findings of its 2013 Report on the Canadian electoral system. To register for the webinar, please click on this link.

FDA Contact

Mr. Stephen Garvey, Founder and Executive Director
Phone: 403- 669-8132
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Overall, the FDA works

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