Board of Directors

Mr. Stephen Garvey, founder, FDA Executive Director, and Director of Project Initiative

In 2007, Stephen started the FDA. He has spearheaded numerous FDA projects and initiatives. He has a Bachelor degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Philosophy in Environment and Development from the University of Cambridge. Also, Stephen has written books on political theory and decision-making. Stephen has significant interest in the role of audit and evaluative processes in the functioning of society. Over his time with the FDA, he has demonstrated leadership, vision, and full commitment to democracy advancement.


Ms. Lindsay Tetlock, Director of Research


Lindsay has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and a Masters in Historical Studies, and she has a passion for democracy and human rights. Lindsay applies her experience to FDA research and audits in which she is a senior researcher and experienced process auditor. She joined the FDA in 2010, and she has shown unwavering commitment to the FDA cause.




Mrs. Tina Frimpong, Associate Director


Tina was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia. She grew up witnessing, first hand, what a lack of democracy can do to a nation and its people. Her experience has shown her that a society that lacks in democracy suffers for generations, and eradicating such a problem is no easy task which requires endless commitment and dedication. She witnessed how a society can crumble when the voice of its people is ignored. As a result of her experience, she have chosen to fight for the voice of individuals who may be at a disadvantage not just in Canada, but around the world. Tina has been pursuing her dream of “fighting” for democracy by pursuing an education, and career, in the legal field as well as through her involvement with the FDA.

Mr. Naman Agarwal Interim Director of Finance
Naman Agarwal12

Naman has a Master of Business Administration degree from Queens University. He grew up in the world’s largest democracy, India, and he has a solid understanding of the societal importance of strong democratic processes.





Former 2012 Director:

Mr. Dale Monette, Former 2012 FDA Director of Finance

Dale has relocated overseas. His position in the FDA is in transition.

Dale has over 6 years of experience as an entrepreneur and over 3 years of experience in finance and accounting. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and is currently undergoing his Master of Professional Accounting. Dale has a passion for democracy, and he realizes fundamentally that democracy requires attention and work by citizens.