The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) started in 2007 as a small group of concerned citizens about Canadian and global democracy. The group, led by Stephen Garvey, focused on holding political candidates and parties accountable during election periods, creating democratic standards, and raising public awareness on issues involving democracy. In 2009, the FDA was registered as an Albertan not-for-profit organization. In 2013, the FDA was registered as a Canadian national not-for-profit organization. To ensure its non-partisanship, the FDA has shifted away from election audits on candidates and parties to electoral fairness audits on electoral systems, and the FDA has expanded its scope of research to include government process accountability. In September 2013, the FDA will unveil an associate organization which will act as a political arm of the FDA. The purpose of this associate organization is to provide a direct means for FDA ideas and policies to be legislated and its core beliefs to become an elected form.

FDA Research

The FDA measures the impact of democratic processes through rigorous research combined with team audit using matrices and grade scales. All the FDA research is sourced, and the sources are transparent to the public. The FDA audit methodology, which is under copyright, is clearly explained in all reports. The FDA reports are reviewed both internally and externally by experts in the field. In addition, the FDA is transparent about its methodological assumptions, and is open to amending them subject to sound reasons and evidence to do so. The FDA increases its expertise of the impacts of government processes on a free and democratic society through its research, study of the subject, and communication with people on the subject. Overall, the FDA works

  1. to ensure that people become more knowledgeable about the outcomes of government processes and can then make decisions that are more informed;
  2. to get people involved in monitoring government processes at all levels of government and in providing sound, practical, and effective suggestions.

Who We Are

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement is comprised of experts in the fields of education, finance, public policy, political science, and international affairs, and other professional and educational backgrounds such as marketing, engineering, law, environmental science, architecture, and business. In addition, the FDA’s members and volunteers have diverse ethnic backgrounds such as African, South American, North American including Mexican, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern and balanced gender representation.


To maintain its independence and objectivity, the FDA only accepts donations from individuals and organizations that do not compromise its independence, non-partisanship, and objectivity. In addition, the FDA does not conduct privately paid research. However, if you or your organization has an important research idea or are aware of an important issue on the impact of government processes on a free and democratic society, the FDA is available to listen to your idea or issue and possibly research it and write a report on it. Please contact the FDA at (403) 669-8132 or email us at info@democracychange.org for more information.

Members and Volunteers

As a registered not-for-profit organization, the FDA is always looking for new members and volunteers. If you would like to help the FDA cause, please click here.


The Foundation for Democratic Advancement collaborates with other organizations in joint projects and/or provides guidance and advise to other organizations on their projects. For information on collaboration, please contact the FDA at info@democracychange.org with your inquiry or proposal.

Associated Organizations

The FDA is associated with the following organizations

Volunteer Canada

Volunteer Calgary

Volunteer Lethbridge

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association

University of Calgary Translation Association