The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) is an international, independent, and non-partisan democracy watchdog organization. The FDA’s not-for-profit mission is to measure, study, and communicate the impact of government processes on a free and democratic society. The FDA measures the impact of government processes through rigorous research combined with team audit using matrices and grade scales.
The FDA is comprised of experts in a diversity of fields such as education, finance, public policy, and international affairs, and its members and volunteers have diverse ethnic backgrounds and balanced gender representation.

Color Legend:
Violet refers to countries with exceptional electoral systems
Red refers to countries with very satisfactory electoral systems
Orange refers to countries with unsatisfactory electoral systems
Green refers to countries with failed electoral systems
Black refers to countries with completely failed electoral systems
Gray refers to countries with transitional electoral systems
Blue refers to countries without a FDA electoral fairness audit

For more information about the FDA’s research, see our methodological assumptions and research page.

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