October 16, 2013 FDA Meeting Minutes

fda meeting2
Minutes of the October 16, 2013 FDA Meeting
  1. The party name, “Democratic Advancement Party of Canada” was adopted 5 votes out of 6 votes (by the persons who wrote the founding document of the FDA’s new associate organization).
  2. As per the meeting (on October 16), today (October 17) Stephen Garvey, FDA Executive Director, filed trademarks for the name, “Democratic Advancement Party of Canada” and its logo.
  3. As per the October 16 meeting, it was decided that the next steps would be as follows:
  • Set up DAPC website(www.DemocracyAdvancementParty.ca) (Alan is working on the technical issues of the site.)
  • Reword FDA website to reflect its association to the DAPC. The rewording of the FDA’s About page will occur once the DAPC website goes live.
  • Launch social media campaigns to get some funds and initial support for DAPC. These campaigns will commence once the DAPC website is live.
  • Additionally, members are encouraged to ask friends and family members if they are interested in becoming DAPC members. The membership is $15 for five years.
For more information on the DAPC email.