Stakeholder Advisory: FDA Electoral Finance Report on the 2010 Calgary Mayoral Election

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FDA Report Provides Historical Clarity on the 2013 Calgary Mayoral Election

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement’s (FDA) 39-page report centers on historical clarity of what occurred in the 2010 Calgary Mayoral Election in terms of electoral finance. From that objective knowledge, Calgarians are in a better position both to evaluate candidates in the 2013 Calgary elections and to make their decision on October 21, 2013. The report focuses on four electoral finance areas: contributions under $100, contributions over $100, contributions by type of contributor, and individual contributions to more than one candidate. The FDA finance team compiled and analyzed the data and consulted local election authorities.

This report provides an objective and comprehensive understanding of electoral finances in the 2010 Calgary mayoral election. The report is a non-partisan assessment.

Key Points from the Report

  1. The FDA auditors identified that three mayoral candidates had 67% of the electoral finances of all mayoral candidates (ten mayoral candidates in total).
  2. The FDA auditors identified that contributions by corporations accounted for 51.1% of the total contributions to mayoral candidates, without considering any individuals who may have contributed for corporations.
  3. The FDA auditors identified 99 incidents of individuals and corporations contributing to more than one candidate and totaling $595,333. (Note, we are not making an ethical judgment, and there are no municipal laws against contributing to more than one candidate. Our goals are to gauge the frequency and financial scope of this phenomenon.
  4. The FDA auditors identified that 95.9% of gross contributions to all mayoral candidates were over $100, while 4.1% of gross contributions to all mayoral candidates were under $100.

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