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March/April 2014 Newsletter

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The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) is an international independent democracy and government watchdog organization. The FDA's non-profit mission is to measure, study, and communicate the impact of government processes on a free and democratic society.

Overall, the FDA works
(1) to ensure that people become more knowledgeable about the outcomes of government processes and can then make decisions that are more informed;
(2) to get people involved in monitoring government processes at all levels of government and in providing sound, practical, and effective suggestions.


FDA News

Upcoming Events

  • FDA's Releases Alberta Levy Report
    FDA Levy Report has implications for all Albertans View Detail
  • FDA Releases Proposed Amendments
    FDA's Amendments to the Alberta Municipal Government Act View Detail
  • April 30 FDA Public Forum
    FDA Forum on What Albertan Can Do to Make a Province of Their Choice View Detail
  • April 9th MGA Review Session
    Review Session about Amendments to the Alberta MGA View Details

2013 Calgary Mayoral Electoral Finances

FDA Releases its Analysis of the 2013 Calgary Mayoral Finances; Alarming Findings.

FDA Fact Sheet on 2013 Calgary Mayoral Finances

Opportunities to Get Involved!

The FDA has a number of volunteer opportunities for the April 30 FDA Public Forum, including promotion of event and live social media at the event. In addition, the FDA is in the process of forming a Youth Jury, which will weigh in on the perspectives and discussion at the forum. The Youth Jury is for youth between the ages of 16 and 25. This Jury is a great opportunity to get involved, meet likeminded people, learn about democracy from doing, and let your voice be heard! Contact the FDA at if you are interested in any of the oportunities at the April 30 Public Forum.


Volunteer Highlights

- Mr. Michael Fabris initiated and helped significantly with the FDA's Fact Sheet on the 2013 Calgary Mayoral Electoral Finances.

- Mr. Nabil Manns is helping to organize the April 30th FDA Public Forum on Alberta municipal democracy.

FDA Ongoings

- The FDA's global democracy project involving 45 countries is about to shift to the audit phase. If you would like to participate in this aspect of the project, please contact the FDA.

- Learn directly about the April 30 Public Forum and invite your friends to the Forum at FDA Event Page

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