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FDA’s most recent reports

2013–Revised 2012 FDA Canadian Provinces Electoral Finance Report

2013 FDA Electoral Fairness of Canada

FDA Process Review of the Bingham Crossing Development Application

Purpose and Impact of Reports


The purpose of FDA reports is to share objective and non-partisan findings and recommendations on electoral processes with the public and relevant stakeholders. The FDA sends its reports to stakeholders who have the political power or may have the political power in the future to make recommended reforms.


Through objective and non-partisan research and audits, the FDA encourages relevant stakeholders to make necessary democratic reforms. In addition, the FDA informs and educates the public about democratic processes including areas that require reform. The public refers to the people (such as the populous of a particular country) which will be affected directly by the reforms, and the FDA’s international audience.
At the end of the day, all the FDA can do is present its findings and recommendations to the public and stakeholders, and hope that the stakeholders make the relevant reforms, and the public pressures these stakeholders to make the reforms.

To ensure accountability and transparency, the FDA identifies stakeholders that make position reforms and stakeholders that do not. The identification may take the form of a follow-up report and/or blog post.

Reports by Country

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Hard copies of Reports

Hard copies (spiral bound) of FDA reports are available upon request, for a small fee to cover the cost of printing and shipping (generally $15 CDN per report for North American residents). If you reside outside of North America, please contact the FDA, so that we can determine the cost of shipping as per your requirements.

To request one or more hard copies, please email the FDA with your name, mailing address (where you want the report mailed to), and a list of the requested reports and the number of copies; payment can be made by PayPal via our donation page, or by bank draft (made out to the “Foundation for Democratic Advancement”, and mailed to 728 Northmount Drive NW, PO Box 94, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 1P0, Canada).

FDA Privacy Policy

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of all private information submitted to it. The FDA does not distribute the private information it receives to any third-parties, nor does the FDA permit backdoor entry to private information. The FDA will only release private information if it is legally required to through a Court Order.