In a people-based democracy, the most important contribution you can make is active participation: sharing your concerns, brainstorming solutions, and collaborating with the local and global community to find paths forward that genuinely work for all.

As the FDA works to advance a people-based democracy here in Canada and around the world active participation through volunteering and membership is likewise the most important contribution you can make.

But the FDA’s work requires more than time and talent; it also requires ‘treasure’ – i.e., financial support. Our expenses include hosting and maintaining our website, paying our officer salaries, and financing campaigns, public forums, ground assessments, and research. And our donors, through their financial contributions, help ensure that the FDA’s work continues.

To maintain its independence and objectivity, the FDA only accepts donations from individuals and organizations that do not compromise its independence, non-partisanship, and objectivity. Thus, for example, we do not do paid research, nor do we accept government funding or corporate sponsorship, as each of these funding sources would create a conflict of interest that would potentially bias our work.

With that in mind, we invite you to become a donor today! As a thank you, donors receive the organization’s annual report and updates on relevant projects so you can stay abreast of the progress we are making with your support.

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization. Unfortunately, because the FDA is not a registered charity, donations are not tax-deductible; however, the FDA issues receipts for all donations.